I'd like to introduce you to HOOFDA.

If you're from North Dakota, South Dakota, or Minnesota you've probably already know who we are.

HOOFDA is an apparel company at our heart.

When we introduce HOOFDA we like to say that, HOOFDA Apparel is Comfortable And Flattering For Every Body.

HOOFDA Apparel Features Hand Drawn Art That You Wear. Each unique hand drawn HOOFDA art design expresses our love for animals and appreciation of nature.

You can Dress HOOFDA UP, or Dress It Down, wear it to work and while you work From Home. And of course you can wear HOOFDA when you're On The Go, working out, Or Just Relaxing at the lake or in your back yard.

HOOFDA Apparel is Made For Your Busy Lifestyle.

We mentioned that each HOOFDA design is hand drawn unique art that you wear which represents our love of HOOFED animals we, should clarify one thing. We love all animals, but HOOFDA art focuses on hoofed animals and our appreciation of nature.

Most of our process from start to a finish ready for prime time product takes an average of 8 weeks to produce. We don't take shortcuts and we pay attention to the details that make HOOFDA a brand people want to continue to wear.

HOOFDA is a 100% woman owned company. We are part of our local community here in Fargo and we invest back into our local community by having local small businesses help us with all the screen printing on our apparel.

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Feel free to email us or reach out to us through messenger if that works better for you. We'd love to answer any questions.

Thanks again for stoping by and all of your support over the years.